Pullup Stumps - About Us

Pullup Stumps—our service is outstanding, the pricing is very affordable and remember if we can’t do it nobody can.

Pullup Stump is locally owned and operated by a highly trained Stump Grinding expert, with years of experience grinding and removing tree stumps, root balls and bamboo roots. 

Ross Roberts has been involved in the tree and stump removal industry for over 5 years and had developed a wide range of skills that has seen him remove stumps from many tight, awkward and inaccessible areas to the delight of each customer. 

Ross understands how tree root systems work, he has all the right equipment no matter how big or small the job is and is able to provide a highly professional service with minimal disruption or mess to your property.

Our team provides: 

  • Stump Grinding
  • Tree Stump Removal
  • Tree Root Ball Removal
  • Bamboo Removal

If you need a tree stump removed by the our friendly and prompt company, give Ross a Call on 0431 292 110. 

For stump grinding prices, we can usually give you a price over the phone, but can also of course provide an on site quote.